Run Celeris on the Cloud.

No matter what operating system you use, you can now run Celeris on our powerful Virtual Machines.

What is new?

HDF5 Logging: Celeris now logs in HDF5 format. The new logging system barely slows down the simulation.

Adaptive Timestep: Celeris can now run on an adaptive time scheme. This means you can run your experiment with a relatively large timestep but let it resolve occasional extreme events that may cause model instability.

Hot Start: You can set times, in seconds, to take a snapshot of the experiment. Then you can restart the experiment from one of those snapshots.

Custom Overlay: Got a satellite image of the experiment area? You can now overlay it on the land.

And many more new features such as a better sponge boundary condition, mouse only controls, preset duration, delayed logging, wave breaking logging, etc.


Contact info@celeris.cloud for pricing and more information.